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Top 10 states with the fewest seats in state legislature held by women (%)

10. North Dakota: 17.0%

9. Arkansas: 17.0%

8. Wyoming: 16.7%

7. West Virginia: 16.4%

6. Utah: 16.3%

5. Mississippi: 16.1%

4. Oklahoma: 13.4%

3. South Carolina: 12.9%

2. Alabama: 12.9%

1. Louisiana: 11.1%

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4 Answers

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It might be that feminists are only running in Democrat areas so that they elect fewer women. Please note that means women are voting against Leftist women in conservative states. But West Virginia is a Democrat state. The youngest legislator is the US is a young student who was elected as a Republican in West Virginia.

The first Congresswoman in US history was a Republican who was elected in 1916 and voted against entry into WW I.
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Do you see a pattern of ignorance, stupidity, religion and radical right winged Republicans here? And no, I am not saying Democrats are better, they are just off in another radical quadrant.