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10 states with the highest percentage of people without internet connection.

10. Kentucky: 34.2%

9. Hawaii: 34.3%

8. South Carolina: 35.1%

7. Oklahoma: 35.4%

6. West Virginia: 35.9%

5. Texas: 36.0%

4 6 west virginia 35 9 5 texas 36 0

4. Tennessee: 36.9%

3. Arkansas: 38.7%

2. New Mexico: 39.6%

1. Mississippi: 41.0%

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5 Answers

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It stands to reason that eight of the above mentioned states are among the least enlightened.
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Almost 3/4 of Nebraskans have internet. That's good.
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I do not believe this for one minute that over 1/3 of people in Texas do not have internet. 9 years ago when I was a Schwan's man- 90% of the homes I went to had internet- whether they be in the government projects or in BFE miles from town. I have had internet since the mid 90's- and that is even primarly living as much as 15 miles from town- granted I had dial up until about 3 years ago- and where I live now- still over 5 miles from town- our local co-op has all but 3 towns now on DSL and wireless- or about 85% of their customers.

Combine that with the proliferation of iphones and androids- I say this is bunk
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besides- I also know many people that have satellite internet
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I didn't figure my home state would be that high. But then I see a lot of people making trips to the library just to use the internet there.