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From a very young age, Elisa Strauss discovered her love for cakes.
While still a little girl, you could find her in her grandmother’s
kitchen decorating cakes. The urge to study art came from there when on
and did it at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago and at Vassar
College. Upon completing her college studies, she specialized on the traditional forms of art. After being
praised for the work she did while making some cakes for Ralph Lauren,
she then made the decision to start dealing with culinary arts. She
enrolled at The Institute of Culinary Education where she graduated with
a degree in Baking and Baking Arts and gave her the skills to make
Confetti Cakes!

Her realistic kind of art has made her feature in different shows like: The View, *** and the City, Martha and the Today Show.

She has always wanted to get her Dad something special during his
birthday. When the day came, she made him a cake that looked like her
dad’s Labradoodle. It was so amazing.

The kind of effort and time she invested into the cake can be seen
when you look at the finished result. You will struggle to differentiate
her work of art from the real dog. This kind of edible art completely
amazed me.



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